The Landscape for Play

The 'Landscape For Play' will be a diverse mixture of play equipment integrated with an invigorating and stimulating landscape that provides a play space on it's own terms.

Programme aims and objectives

  • To creatively involve children and young people in the design of new green areas and parks
  • To employ innovative approaches to create a natural landscape that will inform the playscape as much as the equipment itself
  • For the design to genuinley reflect the needs and wishes of children, young people and the wider community
  • Provide challenging and rewarding play opportunities, integrating play equipment into a wider 'Landscape for Play'
  • Balance risk and benefit

    The play area should provide the following elements of play

  • Creative Play
  • Physical games and informal sport
  • Exploring nature and the elements
  • Social interaction  or hanging out
  • Locomotor play:  balancing, swinging, sliding, climbing, hiding, challenging