Play Sculpture

As artists we wanted to respond to the needs and thoughts of the young people that we have been working with to produce designs for a piece of sculpture. This design, we hope provides a link for young people to nature and play. We have tried to design a structure that the children can use as a fort or castle for playing in and around but the structure is made up of organic forms and constructed in Oak using traditional methods of pegged mortice and tennon joints. Half organic form and half architectural structure is what we intended. A place for hide and seek. As a child and still as an adult my favourite places for play are old abbeys and castles we are trying to capture that feeling of discovery.

Size approx. 2m cubed

We will add models and drawings to this page as the design develops.

Lee Brewster

Constructing the Cubes

February 2009 - The wood arrives and is converted


Mortise and Tennon Joints


Oak Pegs



The Cubes on site June 09

A Sunny Day September 09