Community Consultation

Below are some of the responses from local Residents of all ages who attended the exhibition at All Saints School on Thursday 24th April 2008. The event was very well attended.

"I llike the idea of the climbing rocks the best" Do you think that this process of consultation is the best way to involve communities in the development of new play spaces? "It was a good idea because we have our say in what makes us happy"    Pip (Young Resident)

"I think its a great idea and will get kids off the streets and doing something fun"   Joe (Young Resident)

"I'm going to enjoy using the Park"   Jacob (Age 6)

What do you think of this vision for the Park?  "Looks good, like the idea that the park will allow kids to take risks" (Parent)

"The park is going to be a very welcome and much needed addition to Ingleby. I like the plans as they stand. I love the idea of incorporating ground works into the design for children to enjoy"   (Parent)

"Its nice to see some thought and innovation going into the development rather than the same old recipe type play area"          (Parent)

Some Suggestions were made

"A long slide placed on the hill fort side and tunnels for children to climb through"  (Parent)

"Using the terrain for climbing"  (Parent)                                      

"Definately Bike Track"   (Young Person)