Thoughts on Romano Park

By Lee the artist and the kids

After talking to the children during the design stage it became apparent that no one park stood out as a favourite from the others, this was a surprise I thought they would have picked a ‘winner’

Their critical ability was impressive, we picked the best and worst from lots of different areas. No one material or style of park was preferred. Lots of different materials and layouts and equipment were appreciated.

If there was an overall attitude that was common it was that the park should evolve with the natural environment, climbing frames should be set in trees with wood chip or sand as a base, the landscape should be manipulated to incorporate play equipment such as scoops out of hills for climbing walls and the creation of picnic areas. Formal pathways and tree lined avenues were seen as a subtle contrast to the landscape and thought to be good.

Adventure, rope bridges, climbing and spinning round and swinging, tree houses and tunnels and caves. We all want to feel like Indiana Jones or Captain Jack Sparrow.

"I liked the twirly spinning metal thing!"  Bethany Age 10

"I liked the big rocks, but I also like things that make you adventurous!"  Katrin Age 11

The play equipment can look natural and rough but not the surroundings, no muddy footpaths or long grass but logs can be used for play equipment, Tarzan swings on trees and platforms to climb on in the trees and joined together.

Pockets of play equipment in areas not all in one place, but close together.

We want to be challenged, we want elements of danger and risk we want different levels not all flat.

We want a mix of rough and wild and formal, neat and tidy. Rough and wild things to play on with formal paths and gardens.

Make environments where hide and seek and tig are more fun.

"I do like to play outside because I feel happy, excited and free!"  Emma Age 11

"It had a pole and then 2 poles coming out of it with tyres at the end, it goes up and down and round and round."
Chloe Age 8 talking about her favourite piece of play equipment

"At the new play area we want monkey bars, swings, mazes, equipment, slides, climbing frames." Adam Age 8